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Saturday September 18th, 2004
CAR Annual General Meeting Synopsis, Saturday September 18th, 2004

Dave Ross opened the meeting by announcing he will be stepping down as the Chairman of CAR. He thanked everyone who helped him through his run as Chairman and promised to make the transition for the next chairman as smooth as possible. He was thanked by all for his hard work and dedication.

Dave expressed dismay at not being able to secure insurance for CAR, but said that with the Risk Analysis that is nearing completion and the changing attitudes of insurance companies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He also expressed willingness to see the Risk Analysis through to completion.

The upcoming elections were discussed, open positions include, Chairman, Vice-Chairman among others. The following people have put their names forward for to run in the upcoming election, Tim Rempel for Vice Chairman, Ian Stephens for Chairman. Max Baines will continue as head of the Motor Testing Committee and Vince Chichak will continue as head of the EX Committee, and Wayne Gallinger has stepped down as head of the RSO Committee to pursue another passion of his, diving.

The fate of Earthrise was discussed with Shane Weatherill Earthrise editor, expressing concern about the lack of articles for the publication. Without articles it is very difficult to put together a publication. A suggestion was put forth to make use of information destined for CAR members websites to instead make the information available to Earthrise.

It was noted that Earthrise is a very expensive publication to put together. Even greater than insurance premiums, Earthrise is traditionally the single largest expense CAR has. Does the membership feel it is worth putting out a publication? Some alternatives were put to the floor, do away with Earthrise, publish Earthrise less often, make use of back issues to re-publish relevant articles or publish Earthrise in a pdf format that can be downloaded for the CAR website. None of the alternatives were overwhelmingly endorsed, but the most favorable response came in favor of the web version. It was decided to explore the options further, but without articles it will still be difficult to put together issues.

The effectiveness of the CAR regional reps was questioned. One person effectively responsible for promoting CAR in regions as large and diverse as provinces has proven frustrating virtually everywhere except Ontario where Bill Wagstaff has been untouchable. The suggestion was made to recognize clubs by having their leaders named as CAR liaisons instead.

These issues, among others, are best addressed and implemented by the new executive in 2005.

A discussion started about what CAR has to offer. It was stated CAR is not only a means for insuring our launches. CAR provides a direct link to our Governments decision-makers and is involved in policy making that directly relates to the membership’s activities. CAR’s efforts have been rewarded by, Transport Canada granting a permanent airspace designation for the Lethbridge Rocketry Associations Roc Lake VII site. This is a testament to the effectiveness of CAR’s programs, RI and RSO certification, as well as HPR certifications Level I through IV.

The evening ended with Dave Ross expressing gratitude for the support he has received, and asked people to get involved at whatever level it’s needed. He is confident that the rocket hobby in Canada is very much alive and well.

Dave will implement the Election process throughout the month of October, for final ratification end December. Initially with phone conversations with all current executive and representatives, followed by an announcement of the positions opening and the nominees running. In the event of a position actually being challenged, a mail out will be sent to all members stating the candidate’s positions for a general membership vote. Despite the announcement of executive positions becoming open in the last issue of Earthrise back in May, to date all positions will likely be filled by acclimation. Time will tell.

Sullivan Lake XII Pictures

ATHA Aerospace's Altus/40
(click the image to enlarge) Ken Baldwin photo.

Ian Stephens BBVb
(click the image to enlarge) Ken Baldwin photo

Ken Baldwin & David Buhler K570 Drag Race
(click the image to enlarge) Ken Baldwin photo


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