Announcement - New member and club fees

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Announcement - New member and club fees

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The Canadian Association of Rocketry - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie is pleased to announce the new member fee schedule. The fees will be as follows:

Membership fees:
-60.00 for each adult
-15.00 for each person under 18
-family for 80.00 (no limit as to # of children)

These fees will be effective for all renewals starting January 1, 2011. Starting immediately, renewals for more than 1 year are not available.

New Members will pay the new rate effective September 1, 2010.

Club Fees:
-50.00 per club per year.

In order to register as a club, the club must have a minimum of three (3) CAR-ACF members. The information including contacts, city and club name is sent to the DIRECTOR for the area where the club is located and is separate from the Field Approval Process. (Please contact area Director for contact information and file format to be used)

Fees are sent to the Secretary / Treasurer

For club applications, the Director will confirm payment of the fees. Then nominate the acceptance of the club to the board of directors, ask for a second, and a vote will be taken. Once passed, the Secretary / Treasurer will issue and announcement, and have CARWeb updated.

This is effective immediately. Club fees are per 12 month period and are not pro-rated.

Process for Launch Site Applications

Process for Model Rocket Launch Sites:
-map or other diagram showing where the launch area will be
-map to show North
-map to be clearly marked with any runways, fences, roadways, etc and distances to each
-launch site owner information and signed permission form
-any houses or other structures nearby clearly marked
-GPS coordinates of the field
-name of the club making the application and full club information (address, contacts, etc)
-land owner contact information if an insurance certificate is required.

Process for High Power Launch Sites:
-in addition to the above
-any other information related to the size of the motors being used
-copies of Transport Canada approvals to be forwarded to the Director as they become available

If the launch site is for a high power rockets, Model and High power flights are permitted.

The information is sent to the DIRECTOR for the area where the field is located. Should the club be in one district and the field in another district, then the director where the club is located will be informed by the director where the field is located as a courtesy and for input, if any available. (Please contact Director for contact information and file format to be used)

Fees are sent to the Secretary / Treasurer.

The Director will review the filings. The Director will confirm the fees have been paid. The Director will then review the filing and determine is safety rules are being followed.

The file will then be sent to the CRSO for final review. Once the CRSO approves the field, the insurance contact is informed and will advise the insurance broker to add the field to the policy.

If a club uses the launch site of another club, another application is not required if the same layout is used. The director is to be advised of the dual role prior to use.

CAR-ACF reserves the right to charge additional fees should the club require a large number of certificates of insurance.

This is effective immediately.

As always, please contact me or your regional Director if there are any questions.
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