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CAR-ACF Elections

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Hi all,

Elections have come and gone. Most of us ran again and I am glad to see you on board. For those who are stepping away, thanks so much for your service. Volunteer groups run on people like you and your service to the CAR-ACF is greatly appreciated.

I want to extend a special round of applause for Tom Raithby who is stepping away from the CAR-ACF exec. The VP is a low profile position which gets less than it’s deserved share of praise. . As VP though, Tom’s vision has had a pronounced influence on the CAR-ACF and his contributions will have very long lasting effects. I would like to personally say thank you to Tom. Tom has told me of his personal plans (which includes rocketry) and I truly wish him all the best.

Greg stepping away in Ontario. Greg has had thoughtful input as a member of the BOD. I would like to thank him for his effort and wish him well down the line.

We have also been blessed with the return of Tim Rempel as secretary/treasurer. Tim is one of those people whose dedication to our community is difficult to describe. Let me just say that this most recent term as president would have been so much more difficult if not for Tim. I will always be grateful to Tim for his help and I am so happy he has taken on one more round with us.

A new president will be taking office shortly. He is Pierre Laurendeau. I consider Pierre an close and trusted friend. He is an RSO, an L4CC member, the current CRSO, government liaison and one of Canada’s most experienced and knowledgeable fliers. His flying CV is far beyond anything his modesty would allow him to brag about but no worries Pierre, I’ll make sure people know.  As most of you know, I am stepping in to Tom’s old shoes. I’ll be there to help Pierre when called upon to do so.

It will be an exciting year for Pierre, many things are coming to fruition, some started by myself and by Angelo. I know Pierre will be a great helmsman and a great leader for our community.

I ask you all to join me in thanking our past workers and welcoming the new.

Happy New Year all and I look forward to flying, hearing about flights and seeing all the great photos and vids.

Greg Dietlein
President, CAR-ACF
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