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Atlantic Region Candidates

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Bill Daigle

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Bill Daigle, and I live in Moncton New Brunswick. I currently fly with the Moncton Area Rocket Society, (MARS). My 2 daughters and I are regular fliers with the club, as well as part of the organizing team for Rage at the Gage. I have played an active role in locating a new field for our club, which has also enabled us the capability of holding more than one high power launch per year. I am also the secretary-treasurer for Tripoli NB.

I have been in the hobby since the late 60’s, and until the year 2000, I thought I was the only rocketeer in the country! That was when I was introduced to Kevin Drayson, MARS and the CAR. I have since then worked my way up to L3 certification, and have had a ton of fun along the way! During this time, I brought my 2 girls into the hobby, as well as done school presentations for both their grade 6 science classes, as well as taking a shot at a cub scout workshop. (I won’t call that an actual success, but that’s another story)

As this is the first time I have considered this posting, I’ll try to share what vision I have for the CAR, and what I can offer you as your rep. I feel that as long as we continue to represent ourselves as mainly a high power organization, we are limiting our market We should promote ourselves as a group promoting rocketry of all levels. Let’s find reasons & benefits for model rocketeers to want to join us as well. The increased numbers in our membership may allow us to be more respected by the regulatory agencies, as well as the improved chances of being considered by insurers as a larger group.

I believe in youth development, kids flying models will be the future high power fliers. It is our responsibility to help any youngsters into the hobby, whether it is through, coaching kids at the launch field, or trying to promote programs in the schools, or youth groups.

I also will try very hard not to lose sight of one detail. We all do this for fun! This is a hobby. We all do this because it’s what we love to do. Whatever changes we do, we still have to have an end product that is marketed as a safe but fun product.

What I lack in experience, I will make up with enthusiasm, I give you my promise that any voting I will have to do will not be done to serve my own agenda, but to represent the local membership. I can assure you that if you select me as your regional rep, that I will give you my best efforts always!

Tracy Grozik-Daley

I hadn’t actually considered running for a CAR position until my nominator contacted me and asked that I would consider. After reviewing some of the duties involved I decided that I would run as Kevin Drayson might want a break from it and he does so much for our region this way I could help out more. But after a conversation with Greg Deitlan I was intrigued with what I believe I can actually do for the hobby and for membership.

For those who don’t know Andrew and I run a sales agency and I am a Sales Representative that travels Atlantic Canada. If elected to represent CAR in the Atlantic Region I will be working to promote interest in the hobby and will work to try and develop groups of rocket enthusiasts. I currently have working relationships with most Hobby and Toy stores in this region and through them I will develop an information network that connects people buying rockets with CAR. It is my hope that I will be able to increase CAR membership and at the same connect interested parties with the other people in their area that might be interested in starting their own club. It is through clubs and groups that we can grow the interest in rocketry and show them the importance of being a CAR member and its role in Rocketry in Canada. I will also do my part to have contact with clubs and organization that will promote rocketry to the youth of our region. They should also play an important role in rocketry and the CAR organization.

Basically, I believe from the time of your purchase of your first model rocket with the proper information and someone promoting further involvement in the hobby we can put Atlantic Canada on the map for CAR membership and for a growing pool of interesting ideas and further people to help continue that growth.

It is my ultimate goal that someday we will be able to join CAR and in doing so we will have insurance and a Canadian rocketry magazine. Not the mention an enormous base of friends and colleagues to help out and share our rocketry experiences.
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