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CAR Update

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Happy New Year,

It’s been pretty busy on the CanadianRocketry list up until a couple days ago. It’s great to see the passion in everyone about our hobby. A few questions have been raised and I am working with the CAR Board of Directors to supply some answers.

But the primary reason for this update is to announce that Greg Dietlein has stepped down as CAR Chairman. Greg came with much experience in the Magic Society and BCRC and that experience served him (and CAR) well. Greg has served CAR for a little over two years and he has brought lots o f change to CAR. Greg’s gregarious nature and the obvious joy he takes in speaking to rocketry enthusiasts is always welcome. Greg – on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors (BoD), I offer you a sincere thanks. It has been a pleasure.

As the Vice Chairman, I am stepping up to fill the Chairman’s role on a temporary basis. The business of CAR will continue. Tim Rempel has taken the reins from Art Mackie and is working on membership updates as they come in. More updates on CAR activity will come as we move into the new year.

The Chairman’s position is an elected one and the Vice Chairman and Secretary Treasurer serve at the Chairman’s pleasure. With that in mind, we (the BoD, Secretary/Treasurer Tim Rempel and I) felt it would be appropriate to hold an election, and permit folks to consider running for the Executive.

I urge all Senior CAR members to consider running for Executive positions and to consider who among us we should encourage to run. The Executive and BoD are much like a duck on a pond – all quiet and calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath. It’s a lot of work and it’s not always appreciated. But you will also see the best in our hobby and it can be very rewarding.

We have a new Board of Directors composed of some folks who have been there for a term and some fresh faces as well. They will continue to serve their term (January 1st 2009 – December 31st 2010). The new Chairman and his/her Executive will be elected to complete the same term, but without the “head start”.

David Buhler is the CAR Elections person and he will shortly announce the nomination period and when voting will take place. Thanks to David and Shane Weatherill for picking up this responsibility once again!
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