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CAR Elections

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Hello, all.

I, along with Vice Chairman Tom Raithby and Sec/Tres Tim Rempel are honoured to be chosen. We were expecting challengers, so it came as a surprise when we were acclaimed.

(This is going to be a bit long, so a good time for some coffee or tea.)

First, I would like to thank Greg Dietlein for his 2 years of service to CAR. I would also like to thank all the previous executives who have brought us this far.

I want to take this opportunity to tell the membership what our hopes and plans are for the next 2 years or so. By our, I mean myself, Tom Raithby and Tim Rempel. We will also work with the executive - the district reps - to build CAR in support of rocketry in Canada.

Details of when we will be officially become the new executive are still being worked out but will be by the official date of March 15, 2009.

As for my position of Ontario rep, I had talked to David Buhler about resigning effective March 15 in order to hold an election at the same time. It was decided, based on previous situations, I would run as Chairman and if elected, a new election will be called. I will leave it to David Buhler and the executive to set a date but I do want the election held ASAP.

I have also personally heard via the grapevine that some are uncomfortable with me as I tend to deal (through Sunward) with model rocketry almost exclusively. Some high power members don't like this. I personally want to set the record straight. I will represent all rocketeers in Canada. I will also be going, finally, for my level 1 flight ASAP.

We also want to promote and grow CAR as the only rocketry organisation that is dedicated to the Canadian flier.. This would allow more input into government decisions, and more strength as a group.

As for the plans for the next little while, a quick summary. These may be familiar to the executive as they are currently being discussed. In fact I have used the same numbering.

Item 2009-1 Was the election and is now almost completed.

Item 2009-2 As soon as possible, CAR needs to become a not-for-profit corporation federally incorporated. For now, the current executive/regional rep structure will remain.

Item 2009-3 Safety code 9.1km rule. Current Canadian Aviation Regulations states model rockets can't be hazard at an airport. As members of CAR, we are limiting ourselves to where we can fly. I have heard of some who do not want it changed, and they will be consulted. But the position of CAR should be to promote rocketry in Canada- not restrict it unnecessarily.

Item 2009-4 A review of all committees.

Item 2009-5 Future growth of CAR. We need to grow.

Item 2009-6 Deal with the Natural Resources booklet. This booklet is outdated and gives wrong and in some cases illegal information. It was originally the property of CAR but was given to Natural Resources to save on printing costs. The booklet needs to be revoked and to be reissued by CAR.

Item 2009-7 Government liaison. There should be one - and only one - person who deals with the government. This person would report to the executive on all matters dealing with the federal government and to protect the rights and privileges rocketeers currently have in Canada. (item 2009-6 would be the first issue) (This is not with regards to getting launch permits)

Item 2009-8 Insurance. Never stop trying.

Item 2009-9 Hybrid launch distance - in committee

Item 2009-10 Financial statement. To be issued soon.

Item 2009-11 Regular contact. As Chairman, I will be in more contact with the membership.

Item 2009-12 FAI competition. FAI is holding their space modelling competition in Siberia, Russia in 2010. I would like to look into CAR sending a team to compete. MAAC failed to send a team in 2008.

Item 2009-13 Draft and implement a policy regarding expulsion and discipline.

Item 2009-14 A discussion about the "black powder issue" and its effect on CAR.

If at any time, you wish to contact me, you may reach me at my exec email, company email, or by phone at 416-953-1847. Evenings tend to be better and Mondays are the worst. During the day, I am sometimes in the shop so I may be out of touch for a few hours. Emails are the best unless it is an emergency. I tend to check emails a few times a day and always try to respond fast.
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