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MC2 Motor Certification Committee

CAR/ACF has been in existence for 35 years, and in that time has seen many changes in the sport of model rocketry (MR). Perhaps the most significant change of late has been the development and growth of high power rocketry (HPR) in Canada as a separate but closely related facet of the sport. With high power rocketry gaining popularity as it has in the US, Canada and abroad, various new motor manufacturers have come into existence, some to serve only the HPR market, others to serve both the MR and HPR sectors. Some have come and gone, others exist to this day, others are yet to be.

In late 2001 it was proposed that the CAR/ACF institute a Motor Test Committee, and endorse a requirement that motors used at CAR/ACF sanctioned launches must be certified. An integral part of this proposal was the goal to put a reciprocal agreement in place with the Tripoli Rocketry Association and the NAR, so that motors certified by one organization are thereby certified for use by the others.

March of 2002, saw the announcement of the CAR/ACF Motor Certification Committe by Max Baines, Committee (MC2) Chairman. At the same time it was announced that CAR/ACF and Tripoli have a reciprocal agreement for motor testing. This means that the new CAR/ACF Motor Certification Committee will now certify motors for both the US and Canadian markets. Later a similar agreement was in place with NAR as well.

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